Sunday, June 05, 2011

Neighbors are tired of loud rock music at Community Church

Neighbors are tired of loud rock music at Gold Creek Community Church services but feel powerless to get anyone to do anything about it. One church member is the Snohomish County sheriff.

I haven't had to contend with pop music in church lately, but this could get me riled again: Noisy Church

The Mill Creek-area church has no conventional religious trappings — crosses and altars — and music is the main part of the worship experience. It attracts young people traditional churches don't, say the pastors. "Music is a powerful medium," Pastor Larry Ehoff, the worship director, told the congregation on Sunday.
The church is a brown multibuilding complex in the middle of a large parking lot ringed by trim suburban homes, many bearing red signs admonishing the church members for "not respecting their neighbors."


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the neighbors. Thanks for the warning, though. I am a Christian looking (in vain) for a contemporary church where I won't be assaulted with loud, blaring rock music. I'd heard this church was great - you've saved me a trip. Ardent worship need not be LOUD! God often speaks to us in the stillness. Too many churches try to manufacture enthusiasm with loudness. It's artificial and offensive to many - including the neighbors.

Michael Dodaro said...

My wife and I have walked in and walked out of churches when the music was too loud or too banal. We've noted the perplexity of the ushers who greeted us going in.
Many nice people in these churches are sincere in the intentions while the promoters of CCM go on using them to sell their gaudy merchandise.