Monday, June 12, 2006

CCM Survivor

I began a correspondence last week with Lori Lewis who was involved the CCM business for years and lived to tell about it. This link tells the tale:

No Place Like Home


Ray said...

Just read the first article. The article was excellent and coming from someone in the business, she has a lot more credibility than the three of us. With my younger son particularly, we saw the fallacy of leading him toward CCM as an alternative to the hard stuff he wanted to listen to. It
just developed a taste for that kind of music and he gradually drifted toward stuff that eventually made my wife "help" him find his own apartment and we suggested strongly it was time for him to leave. We allowed the
kids to listen to Steve Green, very innocuous but on the contemporary side. They all developed a taste for more radical music. My daughter, the
soon-to-be missionary, has realized her musical tastes were not scriptural and has reformed. But, all of Lori's comments are right on the money.

I was part of a panel dicussion several years ago which included a theology professor from one of the leading conservative Baptist Bible schools. He posited that CCM was not only improper for worship but also improper for entertainment. Because of the slippery slope it lead people down.

Michael Dodaro said...

These are very interesting and useful, not only for kids. I've been struck by the bum theology in a lot of the pop church, ever since campus crusade for Christ years ago in college. You know, "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life". Where is that in the Bible or tradition? I spent more time than I even want to remember trying to figure out what the plan for me was. And what about this "personal relationship" stuff and being pals with Jesus. Even Paul the apostle only heard from Jesus directly once or twice.

Ray said...

I like the title of that website, Issues, Etc. ~ Equipping the Priesthood of All Believers. Priesthood of all believers. A very Baptist concept.

I'm going to send the links to these two articles to my kids.