Friday, January 06, 2006

The Church Triumphant

Trinity Parish Church
Seattle, Washington; Christmas Day 2005

Photo by Paul Hannah


Jason Silver said...


Ray said...

The building itself is a work of art. I have been in Baptist churches built in the early 1900s that were approaching your church in beauty, but contemporary Baptist churches are extremely bland devoid of art. Baptists, to avoid Romanism, have gone to an extreme shunning anything ornate or remotely artistic. Your church building is the perfect venue for Mozart, Handel, etc.

Maybe, just maybe.... and this thought just now hit me.... us Fundamentalists and Evangelicals lean toward contemporary music which can be bland and monotonous and shallow because our architecture leads us there. A Bach oratorio would fit your church like a tuxedo on the tenor soloist. My unadorned church would be the perfect setting for a small praise band singing simple music comprised of 3 chords and repetitious monosyllabic vocals.

Ray said...

After posting above I read Gene Edward Veith's blog, where he is right now addressing the same issue, only in much greater depth.